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Poster: cashel Date: Jul 15, 2004 9:38am
Forum: prelinger Subject: NO"correct ENGISH .different dialects,usage,spelling PEDANTS BEWARE

My first post quoted in full " THEY seem to be CHURNING out an endless stream of PROPAGANDA about their PROBLEMS. It is time to turn away from their EXCESSIVE SELF ABSORPTION. " The words that have irritated you are now in Block Letters. By "they" I meant the film-makers and surely their film is "propaganda" and it displays "their problems" and "their excessive self absorportion " is clearly evident in their crude presentation

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Poster: akb Date: Jul 13, 2004 12:19pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: reply to Steve. About my first post

The language that you used is exactly identical to that used by anti-gay bigots. Pseudo-psychologists often attribute self absorbtion to the personalities of those who get "turned" gay.

Also, one of the key talking points of the religious rights these days is about gay propaganda targeted at children. It is not an accident that George Putnam makes that same point in P4P, Putnam is their direct predecessor.

I considered it extremely likely that "they" was homosexuals. I'm relieved to discover that you support full civil rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation.

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Poster: cashel Date: Jul 13, 2004 12:57pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: TO AKB..MY 3 words and you damn me as Bigot and Pseudo

I have always used words "self absorbtion "to describe someone who is impervious to opinions other than than his own( I have never associated these words with sexual preferences ).I do NOT support religious Right OR Left , and I again repeat that George should be forgiven for mistaken opinions expressed nearly 50 years ago and praised for his good. I note that that so far very little good has been said about me but there has been a lot of nit-picking.

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Poster: akb Date: Jul 13, 2004 1:14pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: TO AKB..MY 3 words and you damn me as Bigot and Pseudo

Uh, I did not damn you as a bigot or a "pseudo". I said you used words identical to those that did fit that description and provided examples, including your very own George Putnam. If you remember I asked you for clarification on your views. I did think I was paying you a compliment when I presumed that you were not a bigot from your clarification, though perhaps you are telling me I was in error in so doing. I invite you to clear up any misunderstanding around that.

As for Putnam, his words about homosexuals were by no means trivial things that can easily be forgotten. He appeared in a propaganda film decrying homosexuals, I think holding one accountable for that is entirely appropriate. I think it was entirely appropriate to hold Strom Thurmond accountable for his running on the Segregationist party ticket and I am glad that he lived to see himself become that object of scorn and ridicule (not to mention downfall of Trent Lott) because of it.

That said, I based my remarks about Putnam on the one film. I was curious, maybe he apologized later in life. So, I looked him up. I found him over at, a deeply right-wing site, one of whose headlines is in favor of a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Looking through a list of articles he's written (anti-imigrant screeds seem to be popular) I see one that recommends Bush not get involved in the anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment and another about the Catholic priest scandal that implies that those that claim a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia are in error.

With that in mind, I will modify my remarks about George Putnam, whom I called a bigot. I instead say he said bigoted things in a widely distributed propaganda film, for which he should be held accountable. He now appears to be a rightwing blowhard, who has softened his views on homosexuals for which I can respect him. He does not get very much respect, as he still associates himself with those that wish to deny homosexuals their civil rights, many of whom are no doubt bigots.

If you can find anything more about what George Putnam thinks about homosexuals, what he said in P4P or gay marriage I'd be interested in hearing about it.